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How crafts help your mind and body

Apr 20 2010
It seems many people think that crafts are items that you purchase. Little do they realize that when you engage in a craft, whether it is clay, painting or sewing, you relax and become much more focused. Granted we all get a bit frustrated if a project doesn't go as well as planned, but that is the beauty of engaging in crafts. Let me know about how crafts have help you "recharge". Happy crafting.

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Gabrielle wrote on April 23,2010
That is great that you have a way to "unwind". Looking forward to hearing other crafters.

Grace Burns wrote on April 20,2010
I have always enjoyed crafts because it takes the focus off other areas in my life and fills my well up. Then I am able to tend to other matters in a more balanced way. Crafting relaxes me - I have referred to it as therapy for myself and perform it as a job, as well. (Recreation Therapy) If I find that the project isn't going as I had planned, why then perhaps I need to change my plan. I find that when I follow the flow of the activity naturally, there are many ways to "fix" what I perceived as "wrong". It's amazing!! With crafting, most often I say there is no wrong way - just another way!

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