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Are craft shows now only jewelry and hand bag shows??

Apr 27 2010

As an exhibitor and attendee to arts and craft shows, I am beginning to feel that painted furniture, ornaments and such are no longer needed or desired for the "new" craft fair attendees. It appears these new craft seekers are mostly looking for the latest necklace or cloth hand bag to buy? Some jewelry is really an art form and they charge for it (which I expect them to), but these jewelers are not exhibiting at the local high school "gym-a-cafetorium".

I am spending much of my free time to make these items (granted I don't grow the trees, I buy the lumber) and then paint it or spend hours doing a clay figurine or ornament. But this appears not to be the desired items. Am I all wet? I appreciate jewelry, but we do have stores that cater just for that line of art....maybe I should put my paintings in Springers or Days....they must be hurting for business, since everyone is peddling their wares at these shows. What do you think???

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Gabrielle Lovi wrote on April 28,2010
I agree...times do change. The only issue is that most jewelry is not made by the exhibitor...they just "string" things, which really isn't a talent. Making handbags...I get that, but do you need 50% of the vendors doing only two types of crafts. When I do make my stuff, the market wants the price of Wal-Mart of Christmas Tree Shop and they don't make their items in the USA, it is all oversea junk. Will look for more quality shows to exhibit.

Lin Napier wrote on April 28,2010
You know how much I love jewelry and handbags. I also love the crafts that you make. You do excellent work so maybe it's time to go to Plan B. Go with the trend and give them what they want. Interests change so you could start a new line of jewelry.

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