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Up to my elbows in clay

Aug 12 2010
The summer season has been wonderful in Maine this year (compared to last year), but it is going too fast. Not because I do not want to wish away the season (I enjoy the Fall season much better), but craft shows are looming upon me. Many people when they make an item, it is usually one piece, maybe two if they wish to share with a friend or relative. In our studio, we do 100 of this, 50 of that, etc. Not that it takes the fun out of it, because each is slightly unique (we do not use molds for the clay items), but it is daunting to make so many things in time for the craft show season. Coupled with the fact that each year I like to introduce at least one new item (thinking it up and creating a prototype) and then deciding what item(s) is retired. Similar to deciding which of your children you can part with or you are not that important anymore...UGH!

Then if that was not enough to prepare for, we are introducing our Open Studio/Arts and Craft Show. This provides visitors the opportunity to meet the faces behind the business, purchase items that will not be available at shows and sign some limited quantity pieces. So now, I am up to my elbows in clay for this September 25th show. Hope you all can join us. Get on our mailing list so you can receive a 10% coupon.

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Andrea Rouda wrote on August 12,2010
Love the image of you being up to your elbows in clay. Do you make Christmas tree ornaments...I love those!

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