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Country Chest - The Price is Right

Oct 26 2010


Working full-time and also trying to launch a craft business is a lot of work. All crafters that are serious about building a business run into the issue of pricing their product at some point.

So...what do you think is the price of this country chest? It would be great to know what you think it should be and what you would pay for it. It is made out of beautiful pine wood (no knots), stained inside and hand painted outside with minor antiquing. Measures approximately 21"x10"x13"

Enter your comments and I will let you know who comes closest.

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Andrea Rouda wrote on October 26,2010
It's hard to see the photo clearly, however I am going to say that if I were in the market for such an item, I would expect it to be/would pay $150 to $175, or under $200 including tax. (Not saying it isn't worth more, just that's what it would be worth to me!)

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