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Last Minute Crafting

Dec 02 2010

It is December and the company has only a few more craft shows (December 4th concluding the year). It is amazing the amount of shows that are schedule all the way up to the week before the 25th. These are referred to as "Last Minute Shopping" shows and even "Stocking Stuffer" shows. I guess if you sell furniture or home decorations, these would not be your best selling shows. Either that, some people have LARGE stockings. These shows most likely are designed for the "grab and go" or "jewelry" items, which by their nature make great stocking stuffers.

The business has done well with custom orders this year and still has a bunch to "finish up" in the next week or so. With that, how "Last Minute" are your purchases for friends, teachers or coworkers? Are handcrafted items a consideration or do you visit the large retail chains to finish your shopping? Let us know what you do at the 11th hour during this holiday season.

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Andrea wrote on December 2,2010
I certainly consider crafts as gifts, all year not just at Christmas. Sadly, the retail chains get most of the business just because they are in a mall would do great if you could (stomach) be in one of those kiosks!

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