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Are Whoopie Pies a snack or a dessert?

Feb 16 2011

It appears that the State of Maine is focusing on what we should have for the state dessert/snack. I bake a number of confections and have been curious on what is the attraction for this dessert? I personally have sampled a number of them, and find them dry, crumbly and the filling very "greasy" and overly sweet. It appears that many bakers make the filling with Crisco and Fluff, both of which I do not care for, so that may be the source of my dislike for many of the bakeries version of the whoopie pie. I do bake them for customers, but do not make them with Crisco and Fluff. Personally, I feel the blueberry pie, with wild Maine blueberries would be much more "Maine-ish" than the Whoopie Pie. You can only get wild Maine blueberries in "MAINE" and then we will not have to argue with Pennsylvania, especially the Amish, who I do believe created it first.

What do you think?

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Andrea Rouda wrote on February 16,2011
I aabsolutely agree with you 100% about the blueberry pie. As for Whoopie pie, it seems so childish and easy-bake, to have it as the "state dessert" seems simpleminded to the max!

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