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What is your Candy or Baked Good Desire?

Jun 02 2011

Gourmet Candy by My LoviRecently I updated this website to include a section dedicated to candy confections and baked goods. This has been a slow process, since it required more permits (in the waiting process) for the business to submit. The goal for this product line, is to open up a new local market. Our candies are currently available in one of our local retail locations, but this new venture leaves me excited and nervous at the same time.

On a personal note, I am currently planning/creating something special for a friend who has an upcoming birthday this month, but I am very curious to find out what "candy confections" or "special baked good" you crave.

Let me know what you like, or crave, and I will send one lucky person who comments on this post some chocolate.

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andrea rouda wrote on June 2,2011
Personally , I love chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered raisins. As for baked goods, the BEST thing I have ever tasted was something called a Salty Oats oatmeal cookie with raisins and nuts, and salt on the outside. Have also seen them with chocolate chips! Sounds so unhealthy on so many levels, but yummy!

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