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How many sets do you have?

Jun 23 2011

Key Holder by My LoviIt is always interesting to learn how many sets of house keys, car keys, etc the average household possesses. I would love to know for the simple reason, how big of a key holder do I build (see picture).  In our household, we each have a key ring for each car and one extra car set for each car, riding lawnmower and pantry, attic, and doors. Therefore, for us, we would need a key holder that would hold at least eight sets of keys/key rings. Does a key holder need to hold more? Let me know what you think it should hold and you could win a discount on the purchase of one.

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Katie Clark wrote on June 23,2011
in our house total we probably have about 6 or 7 sets of keys, so 8 sounds about right to me!

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