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Gluten-Free Pound Cake - Holiday Baking with Honey

Sep 15 2011

Honey Pound Cake: Gluten-Free - My LoviI do not claim to be an expert on gluten-free baking since the majority of my ingredients are not well suited for people on a restricted or gluten-free diet. This rich and decadent gluten-free honey pound cake that I found from my baking supply newsletter, sounds wonderful for anyone looking for a dessert that meets their dietary needs.


Honey gives this cake a wonderful texture and provides the perfect amount of sweetness. Pound cake is great for topping with fruit or powdered sugar, but is also delicious on its own.


 "There used to be a stigma that gluten-free meant sacrificing flavor and variety, but one bite of this pound cake will make it clear that the gluten-free market is rife with opportunities. Honey is the go-to ingredient because it is important in keeping products moist and flavorful, in addition to adding sweetness without overpowering the product." .

Let me know what you think of this recipe. I have enclosed the link for Xantham Gum which is carried in some Walmart stores, some larger supermarkets and probably in Whole Foods. Coutesy of Baking with Honey

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Gabrielle Lovi wrote on September 22,2011
I have found the Xantham Gum in Walmart and most supermarkets.

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