Shaker Style Furniture and Home Furnishings

Styles come and go, but Shaker inspired furniture and home furnishings stand the test of time. Each of our pieces are designed and handcrafted in our Windham, Maine studio - not machine massed produced. We do not spray paint our furniture pieces, they are hand painted and in a number of pieces, included a hand rubbed wax finish. Therefore, the finish is smooth, but unlike a factory created piece.

Our furniture pieces are made to order at the time your order is placed with us, so allow at least 3 weeks before some of the larger pieces is available for shipping or pickup. Smaller pieces take less time.  We also accept and welcome custom orders. Contact My Lovi directly to discuss your piece.

If you would like to save on shipping, you can always pick up your piece at the studio. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at 

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