Cakes and Party Favors for Showers, Weddings or any Special Occasion


Let My Lovi provide you with that unique cake or favor to celebrate the special occasions in your life. All of our cakes and baked goods are made to order in our in home bakery.  If you have special requests or a vision in mind, we are happy to discuss and provide you with a quote.

Our custom cakes, cupcakes and baby cakes are ideal for:

At My Lovi, we use only the finest ingredients in everything we make!

-- Our cakes are made from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients

-- Our buttercream frosting is made Swiss style with egg whites, butter, and premium vanilla; rather than shortening-based (sometimes butter added also) American buttercream.

-- We do not use box cake mixes and our desserts contain no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

Cake Sizes/Servings/Pricing:

Since all cakes are not made equal, the pricing listed below will give you an idea of pricing for our cakes. All 6" and 8" cakes are beautifully boxed. Larger cakes will be on a cake board, but not necessarily boxed. We do not charge more for wedding cakes, it based on flavors and decorations (see pricing below). All my cakes, frostings and fillings are made from scratch (no box mixes used). Cakes are typically round consisting of 4 layers (2 layers, halved with 3 layers of frosting/filling in between). Square cakes are also available.

Basic Pricing for cakes
6” round cake (serves approx. 12) starting at: $30.00
8” round cake (serves approx. 20) starting at $45.00

Basic cake flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Spice
Basic buttercream frosting flavors: Chocolate or Vanilla.  

Pricing per Serving: $2.75 (using basic cake and buttercream flavors)
For cakes that are ordered by number of servings, the cost is based on the closest number of  servings that is requested. Usually the number of servings is slightly more than what is requested, but will confirm prior to processing the order.

Additional Charges

Cupcakes - $24.00/dozen each for a standard size cupcake with buttercream frosting. Additional charges apply for premium fillings, cake flavors, frostings and/or decorations. 

Cookies - $15.00-$18.00/dozen. Many flavors to choose from. 

Cheesecakes - You can choose between 9" or 6" round.  Our cake are closer to a New York style. Dense but very creamy.

Pricing for 9" round: $40/plain and $42/fruit topping 
Pricing for 6" round:  $30/plain and $32/fruit topping
Pricing for mini cakes (24 minimum order):  $36/plain and $40/fruit topping

Whoopie Pies - $30/dozen - Original  (Chocolate cake with Vanilla filling)
                                 $33/dozen - Other flavors available (Maple, Red Velvet, Spice, Vanilla, etc.) 

Fruit and Nut Pies - Starting at $20.00/pie (9" deep-dish pies)

See our gallery of Wedding, Shower and Special Occassion Cakes

We also offer handcrafted  "Cake Toppers"

Contact Gabrielle Lovi directly at to place your order offered at My Lovi.

Allergen Warning: All of our products are made with and/or share equipment with foods
that contain: MILK, EGGS, WHEAT, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, SOY, and other common allergens. 


Don't just take our word, read what others are saying!

“WOW. Gabrielle’s homemade candies are the best I’ve ever had. I bought some for myself and some for a friend who is a chocoholic. My friend’s comments were – best caramel she’s ever had and the peppermint patties were amazing. It is disappointing to go back to store bought candies once you’ve had Gabrielle’s.”
– Heidi of Windham, Maine

Well, I sent my husband out with the check to mail and had a hankering for some chocolate. Lo and behold!!! Yours arrived already. I tore in to that box so fast! Oh my...they are about the best thing I have ever had. The problem will be how to make them last. Thank you so very much for mailing them out so soon. I may share one or two but I am certainly hiding the rest. Great job! Best of luck to you in your business and I will definitely be putting in my order again! 
– Barbara of Ballston Lake, New York 

Lake Living Winter 2013 featuring My Lovi"I was impressed by their range of homemade chocolate-covered treats, including needhams, peppermint patties, turtles and caramels, in the bakery case next to the fresh bread and donuts and commented to the owner that you just don't see things like that very often anymore. He smiled and told me that don't actually make them in their bakery but they are supplied by a local person." (My Lovi  of Windham, Maine)
– Excerpt from Lake Living Winter 2013
about The Grateful Bread - MyLovi chocolates

Absolutely divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of the best cupcakes ever eaten.
– Cindy of Windham, Maine

So delicious your vanilla cupcake – loved the little surprise inside.
– Jen of Kennebunk, Maine

The Valentine’s Day treats I ordered were simply delicious! 
The packaging was beautiful and the quality was superior. Thank you!
– Sarah of Falmouth, Maine

The milk and dark chocolate heart lollipops were very cute gifts for Valentine’s Day.
I was told that they tasted yummy, but wasn’t offered a bite, because
the recipients wanted to have all of it for themselves!

– Melanie of Falmouth, Maine

This might just be the best cupcake I’ve ever had!
– Sydney of Augusta, Maine

The choco cake was amaaaazzziiinnngggggg ...when I was a kid in Jersey we used
to go to this farmers market where the Amish would come to sell baked
goods – we used to get this amazing choco torte there . .. your
cake tastes exactly like it!!!!!  
– Danica of Freeport, Maine 

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