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Elize Coetzee wrote on December 12,2017 about this blog entry
Thank you for this hint.

Gabrielle Lovi wrote on September 22,2011 about this blog entry
I have found the Xantham Gum in Walmart and most supermarkets.

Gabby wrote on August 11,2011 about this blog entry
I agree Andrea. I would like to provide an incentive to become a Facebook fan or a follower of the website. Good point just the same.

Thanks for the comment.


andrea wrote on August 11,2011 about this blog entry
Nothing gimmicky makes me buy something. I have to like it and want it and be able to afford it.

andrea wrote on June 29,2011 about this blog entry
don't take away my nightstand! It has books, nail files, reading glasses, magazines, hand cream, cell phone and land line, and a flashlight, to name but a few of the essentials.

Katie Clark wrote on June 23,2011 about this blog entry
in our house total we probably have about 6 or 7 sets of keys, so 8 sounds about right to me!

andrea rouda wrote on June 2,2011 about this blog entry
Personally , I love chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered raisins. As for baked goods, the BEST thing I have ever tasted was something called a Salty Oats oatmeal cookie with raisins and nuts, and salt on the outside. Have also seen them with chocolate chips! Sounds so unhealthy on so many levels, but yummy!

Hil wrote on April 28,2011
Loved your blog yesterday.

Outstanding bit of wisdom.

andrea wrote on April 1,2011 about this blog entry
I run a consignment shop and the jars are HIGHLY PRIZED and sought after!One lady has a basement full of them, and another woman calls us to see if we have more! I love the blue ones....the large ones make wonderful vases for fesh cut flowers.

andrea wrote on April 1,2011 about this blog entry
Stick with the quilted one! It's unique and it's already yours...why start over with something else that's less distinctive?

Lin wrote on April 1,2011 about this blog entry
Both packages are pretty, but I still prefer the original. Possibly you could use the original for some products and the new one for others or for different scents.
URL: http://Napier

Maureen LeBeau wrote on March 24,2011 about this blog entry
Hi Gabrielle, If I had to choose only 5 they would be Mary, Joseph, Jesus, a laying down donkey and a lamb.

My Nativity has Mary, Joseph, Jesus, a laying down donkey, 3 sheep, Shepherd, 3 Kings, a camel, and an angel and star.

andrea wrote on March 15,2011 about this piece
My husband and I LOVE our new mitten box! We bought it a couple of weeks ago and it's not only beautiful but functional. I am a scarf addict, and the hooks allow me to hang them all in one place. And inside, we put our....gloves, surprise. (No mittens yet, but next year for sure.)

Andrea Rouda wrote on February 16,2011 about this blog entry
I aabsolutely agree with you 100% about the blueberry pie. As for Whoopie pie, it seems so childish and easy-bake, to have it as the "state dessert" seems simpleminded to the max!

Mowenackie wrote on January 11,2011 about this blog entry
Oh yum! Thanks, Gabby! Since I was a kid I wanted to try this candy. The Little House books were a favorite of mine as a kid. (Okay, fine, they still are.)

C'mon snow!


Jane wrote on December 29,2010 about this blog entry
I like both. But the Tottles are good to keep in your purse or gym bag. Good luck.

Andrea Rouda wrote on December 22,2010 about this blog entry
I FAR PREFER the one on the right. I hate those pumps, they can get clogged. Plus the other one is better looking!

Andrea wrote on December 2,2010 about this blog entry
I certainly consider crafts as gifts, all year not just at Christmas. Sadly, the retail chains get most of the business just because they are in a mall would do great if you could (stomach) be in one of those kiosks!

Michelle wrote on December 1,2010 about this piece
A great idea and I just love the chickens!

Michelle wrote on December 1,2010 about this piece
I love this one!

Andrea Rouda wrote on November 19,2010 about this blog entry
Sounds very scientific! However, what I do is this: ask myself how much money it would take to keep me from being sorry to see something go. Of course, I am an artist and only make one painting or drawing at a time, but still, even with your crafts, surely there is a number that is just too darn low for you to let the thing go!

Michelle LeBeau wrote on November 9,2010 about this piece
I just purchased the shaker country shelf with a plate rail and I love it! The quality and craftsmanship of this piece is excellent. I can't wait to hang it up. Thanks again!

Andrea Rouda wrote on October 26,2010 about this blog entry
It's hard to see the photo clearly, however I am going to say that if I were in the market for such an item, I would expect it to be/would pay $150 to $175, or under $200 including tax. (Not saying it isn't worth more, just that's what it would be worth to me!)

Andrea Rouda wrote on August 12,2010 about this blog entry
Love the image of you being up to your elbows in clay. Do you make Christmas tree ornaments...I love those!

Beth Dykeman wrote on August 11,2010
Hi Gabrielle! Remember me from high school...the play (I'm an indian,too), etc. I have lots of good memories of you and your brother, Peter. I would love to see some of your things. My daughter & I come to Maine-Kittery & Freeport every year shopping. I will keep my eyes open for your things!

Beth (Hoag) Dykeman

Andrea Rouda wrote on August 4,2010 about this blog entry
I always start buying Christmas gifts in the summer! definitely think it's a great idea!

Gabrielle Lovi wrote on April 28,2010 about this blog entry
I agree...times do change. The only issue is that most jewelry is not made by the exhibitor...they just "string" things, which really isn't a talent. Making handbags...I get that, but do you need 50% of the vendors doing only two types of crafts. When I do make my stuff, the market wants the price of Wal-Mart of Christmas Tree Shop and they don't make their items in the USA, it is all oversea junk. Will look for more quality shows to exhibit.

Lin Napier wrote on April 28,2010 about this blog entry
You know how much I love jewelry and handbags. I also love the crafts that you make. You do excellent work so maybe it's time to go to Plan B. Go with the trend and give them what they want. Interests change so you could start a new line of jewelry.

Gabrielle wrote on April 23,2010 about this blog entry
That is great that you have a way to "unwind". Looking forward to hearing other crafters.

Joan wrote on April 23,2010
This is a great website. Lots of great items to purchase for all holidays.

Grace Burns wrote on April 20,2010 about this blog entry
I have always enjoyed crafts because it takes the focus off other areas in my life and fills my well up. Then I am able to tend to other matters in a more balanced way. Crafting relaxes me - I have referred to it as therapy for myself and perform it as a job, as well. (Recreation Therapy) If I find that the project isn't going as I had planned, why then perhaps I need to change my plan. I find that when I follow the flow of the activity naturally, there are many ways to "fix" what I perceived as "wrong". It's amazing!! With crafting, most often I say there is no wrong way - just another way!

Sharon Knott wrote on April 8,2010
This was my first time to the site and I love the crafts. Everything is beautiful!

Gabrielle wrote on March 26,2010 about this blog entry
Does it really matter the scent of the shampoo? I wonder if a liquid or bar soap is better. I think liquid version.

Terri wrote on December 22,2009
You have such beautiful crafts.

Sara Eppler wrote on October 6,2009
I would like to in contact with Gabrielle Lovi about customizing a cake topper for my wedding. Does any have a direct e mail to her?

Nancy Kelly wrote on August 9,2009 about this piece
I love this, I want to buy one and will pick it up. Love


Katie C. wrote on July 30,2009 about this blog entry
I like "green" smelling soaps, so eucalyptus is my vote.

Lin Napier wrote on July 18,2009 about this blog entry
I love your lavender and vanilla musk soaps.

Catherine Knott wrote on July 16,2009 about this blog entry
I vote for lilac (which you already have), and I also LOVE jasmine and gardenia.


Michele Guilford wrote on June 10,2009 about this piece
This soap smells like real lilacs and makes your skin feel so soft. I know what I am buying my relatives for Christmas! Thank You.

Lin Napier wrote on June 2,2009
Love your creativity and quality of your products!

Grace Burns wrote on June 2,2009
Just wanted to say that the site is wonderful and that I love your products!

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